Al for companies

Impactful for your industry

We provide specialised AI for company growth. We solve problems and realise opportunities for growth using AI-enabled solutions that deliver impact. With low risk and high efficiency, equitably.

Financial & professional services

In financial and professional services client understanding, costs and income are key. Yet processes are often manual, data-intensive, time-consuming and prone to error. Our AI-driven solutions handle manual tasks, improve efficiency and deliver better insights. 

Retail, e-commerce & hospitality

Retail, e-commerce, and hospitality are facing challenges of costs, customer retention and digital disruption to name a few. Our AI-enabled solutions accelerate segmentation, targeting, personalised marketing, new product development and make supply chains and distribution more efficient. Keeping you competitive.


Manufacturers are facing higher competition from lower cost countries, rising input costs, disrupted supply chains, and challenges in production efficiency. Our AI-enabled  solutions address these and other issues. Improving competitive intelligence, forecasting, product updates & quality, costs and optimise prices. Delivering sustainable production at better margins.


Technology companies have challenges of finding and keeping customers & talent, roadmapping & integrating the right technology, agile tests and efficient support to name a few. Our AI-enabled solutions deliver new customers & IT professionals on demand, accelerate technology implementation and improve support services. Helping technology companies stay ahead.