Intelligent processes for companies

Intelligent processes on tap

Our intelligent processes are industry and company customised, integrating the best of:

  1. Proven business process management (BPM) and improvement1
  2. Specialist capability centres for IT and knowledge process outsourcing (KPO)
  3. Leading-edge alternative data and AI-enabled automation
  4. Work of academics, PhDs and master’s at City, University of London.

Delivered in agile, outcome-driven, phases.

Intelligent retail, e-commerce and hospitality

Process improvement, outsourcing and automation of:

  • Accounts payable & receivable: invoice processing, payment reconciliation, vendor administration and collections
  • Inventory & order management: entry, tracking, replenishment, status and demand forecasting (AI-enabled)
  • E-commerce: product catalogue setup and management, online order processing, and returns handling.

Boosting cash flow efficiently.


Process improvement, outsourcing and automation of:

  • Purchasing: cost, risk & ESG analysis, supplier sourcing & ESG assessment, request for proposal (RFP) & auction management
  • Quality, ESG & performance improvement: customer & contract profitability & ESG analysis; defect, cost of poor quality and ESG monitoring and improvement
  • Production planning: production scheduling, resource and ESG optimisation (AI-enabled)

Optimising quality, profitability and sustainability.


Process & IT improvement, outsourcing and automation of:

  •  Intelligent / robotic process automation (IA/RPA): bespoke or product focused.2
  • Big data: big data roadmap, data extraction, data lake creation, data augmentation, transformation and integration
  • Sales and servicing applications:3 selection, configuration, implementation, administration, support (certified) and reporting
  • IT ops & maintenance: hardware & server monitoring, log & predictive analytics (AI-enabled), preventative maintenance scheduling & availability optimisation

Delivering impactful digital-enablement efficiently.

Intelligent financial & professional services

Process improvement, outsourcing and automation of:

  • Customer onboarding: questionnaires, document verification, risk assessment and know your customer (KYC) processes (AI-enabled)
  • Risk management: credit, operational, liquidity and reputational processes (AI-enabled)
  • Claims processing: validation, data extraction and settlement

Improving cost efficiencies and risk.


1 Using proven methods including Lean and Six Sigma for repetitive processes and agile lean start-up for development.
2 Ui Path, Blue Prism & MuleSoft certified developers.
3 Salesforce, HubSpot and  ServiceNow.