Al-enabled solutions for investors

Competitive investment edge

We specialise in AI for investors. We solve problems and realise opportunities for investors using ai-enabled solutions that deliver impact. With low risk and high efficiency, equitably.

ESG & impact investors

Environment, social and corporate governance (ESG) and impact investing require data that is costly and difficult to obtain. Our AI-enabled solutions use alternative data to make ESG investment efficient.

Private equity & venture capital

Private equity and venture capital often use time-consuming, manual processes, mostly developed from scratch every time. Our solutions speed up processes, identify new opportunities and improve returns.

Hedge funds

Hedge funds are always looking for new trading ideas and information. We provide customised alternative data, AI-enabled models and insights to support most hedge fund strategies.1

Real estate

Real estate investors grow through opportunities. Our  solutions help real estate investors source opportunities and raise funds using outsourced intelligent processes and alternative data.


1 Including market directional, corporate restructuring, convergence trading and opportunistic.