AI marketing for investors

AI powered marketing

Our customised AI marketing solutions integrate:

  1. Latest applications of AI to marketing for speed and impact
  2. Our marketing alliance partners for global reach
  3. Discipline of return on marketing investment (ROMI) for ROI.

See some of our AI marketing services below.

AI market research

Our AI market research utilises AI tools1 to identify patterns and new investment opportunities based on investor or customer sentiment, preferences, and behaviour.   

AI marketing audit & strategy

Marketing audits2 of your marketing strategy, marketing and business plans or develop them for you. A focus on areas of biggest impact. Using Chartered Marketers wiht experience of AI marketing, able to coach your team or step in as your interim or project Chief Marketing Officers (CMO).

AI brand development

Our AI brand development combines AI techniques3 with brand expertise of our global marketing alliance partners. We define measurable brand goals, analyse brand positioning and implement improvements in brand returns.

AI content marketing

Our AI content marketing solutions use AI4 to generate text, image and video for marketing content (emails, posts, blogs etc.) and are combined with our AI customer models (e.g. behaviour analysis) for hyper-customisation to get improved engagement.

AI direct marketing & D2C

Account based marketing (ABM) direct marketing and direct to consumer (D2C) enabled by AI for higher response and engagement. Whether for a fundraise or to improve engagement and investment from current investors or LPs.


1 Including natural language processing (NLP) to analyse masses of unstructured text data (news, reviews, social media etc.) and AI vision to analyse volumes of images and videos.
2 Using  Chartered Institute of Marketing guidelines delivered using agile.
3 Such as brand listening and sentiment analysis.
4Powered by large language models (LLM) and generative AI used by likes of ChatGPT.