AI services for investors

Actionable insights

We have developed AI use cases and applications in several business domains and industries that when combined with our alternative data sources and data analytics, deliver valuable actionable insights.

AI & data strategy

We identify high impact areas of investment processes for AI application, define AI capability roadmaps, develop business cases for AI, create sourcing and data plans tailored to specific investment asset classes and strategies. 

AI governance

Our AI governance design includes performance scorecards, processes for new AI applications, risk management and mitigation, community and university collaborations and development of responsible AI guidelines.

Large language models

Powerful large language models (LLMs) can now be custom developed to be co-pilots to help professionals. Our team develops specialised LLM-based co-pilots (e.g. marketing, fund management) for your unique function, roles and needs to boost productivity.

Generative AI

Our generative AI solutions include human-like text generation, image generation, video generation and speech synthesis. We specialise in marketing applications of generative AI including content marketing, design and prototyping.

Natural language processing

Our natural language processing (NLP) solutions include sentiment analysis, text summarisation, topic modelling, intent recognition, named entity (product, brand etc.) recognition and chatbots.