Learn AI

Learn AI for your investment processes

Get practical skills you need to have AI save you time, reduce risks, increase returns and get ahead of competition.

  • Understand the basics of AI, including generative AI and machine learning
  • Understand high-risk areas of AI including AI privacy and confidentiality, hallucinations and AI misuse such as deep fakes in finance. Learn basic AI risk management
  • See demonstrations of AI use cases and applications in key stages of your investment processes
  • Work through practical examples and case studies customised for your work in a hands-on way
  • Know which AI applications to use and where to start and practice using them
  • Increase your awareness of AI ethics including issues like bias, fairness, explainability, transparency with examples, possible impacts and remedies

What they say…

“A really useful fundamentals session.” 
Training Manager, Investment Association

“Training session was extremely insightful, led by engaging and knowledgeable trainers who used practical examples that not only clarified complex concepts but also equipped me with the tools to integrate AI into my day to day work. We were so impressed that we have invited them to return and conduct an internal session for our team.”
Training Attendee, Investment Association

“Colleagues couldn’t stop talking of what they learned at your session.”
International Trade Advisor, Department of Business and Trade

“Really appreciated your training session. You have opened my eyes to more of the potential behind the AI tools you covered.”
International Trade Advisor, Department of Business and Trade

“Massive thank you! We’ve had some great feedback.”
Project Co-Ordinator, Federation of Small Businesses

“It’s been great participating in equitably.ai’s learning events and seeing how attendees can take practical AI learning and use it in their marketing immediately when they are back at work.”
Head of Data Science, Publicis Media UK

Our difference: learn AI in a practical way

Our training is practical, our aim is to make sure when you complete learning with us, you can apply AI to your work

  • Guided hands-on practice with AI tools and methods specific to investment management 
  • Case studies and use cases in investment management customised to attendee functions 
  • Learn basic techniques like prompt engineering to be able to use off-the-shelf applications like Chat GPT, Gemini and MS Co-pilot  in your investment management role
  • Benefit from the combined expertise of seasoned practitioners using AI along with AI domain specialists
  • Take home practical AI learning you can use when you get back to work and continue your AI learning 

Join the many professionals and institutions that rely on our expertise to learn AI and stay ahead in their fields. See a sample of the learning we delivered for the Investment Association below.

Learn AI tailored for investment management functions

Our learning is specifically designed for the unique challenges and opportunities in investment management and its support functions

  • Learn which functions in investment management AI can have the most and least impact 
  • See demonstrations of AI use cases specific to investment management processes or functions including origination or investment ideas, investment analysis, competitive intelligence, risk management and marketing to name a few 
  • Personalised guidance about how AI could fit in your unique work, team, and organisational contexts
  • Stay ahead by learning about important upcoming AI use cases and applications in the fast changing AI market

Want to know what AI skills are going to increase productivity in your business?

A sample of our training: